January 18th Thursday, 2018

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We are business brokers and business development consultants, specialized in developing business transactions and partnerships between two communities:

  1. International companies
    Product manufacturers, franchisors, service and technology providers.
  2. Investors and venture partners located in the GCC*
    Established entrepreneurs, family owned groups, private equities, venture capitals, investment banks, sovereign holdings, and traders.

*GCC - Gulf Cooperation Council: Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait.


Dinamica International  and Giugiaro Design join forces to develop industrial design solutions  in the GCC.

Industrial design

Today, industrial design affects everyone since it has evolved from the designing of solid products (cars, trains, airplanes, appliances, accessories, etc.) to designing integrated solutions, within which people effectively live, conduct business, shop, entertain, utilize health care, transportation facilities and more.

Giugiaro Design: industrial design in the 21st century

Award winning Italian powerhouse Giugiaro Design and Dinamica International, a leading business development company based in Bahrain, conducted an exclusive business presentation and reception on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016, at the Capital Club Manama, in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The event was attended by Senior Executives, Directors  and key decision makers from  several industries including: transportation, logistics, manufacturing, retail and financial institutions. Significant case studies from several important market sectors and the resulting impact of their solutions on those specific businesses were presented and discussed

Today, Industrial design affects everyone since it has evolved from the designing of solid products including cars, trains, airplanes, machinery, everyday consumer products and appliances including coffee machines, watches, cameras, sportswear and equipment, accessories, etc., to designing integrated solutions, within which people effectively live (including home, office, car, bus, train, airplanes), conduct business (custom points of sales and service), shop, entertain themselves (sports stadiums, cinemas, theaters), utilize health care, transportation facilities (including airports, ports, metro stations, train stations, lounges, ticketing self  service and automation) and more.

Leveraging on “internet of things” and the ecosystems derived by it, we will all live and interact with products and services in semi automated or fully automated and shared environments such as: home automation, office automation, banking automation, car service automation, shopping automation, autonomous driving, rental automation….

For more information about Giugiaro Design please visit: www.italdesign.it

For additional information, about how Giugiaro Design and Dinamica International can help you differentiate yourself, please contact:  Ms Pauline Jeakings  Managing Director Dinamica International. Mobile: +973 39314350; Telephone: +973 17131262; Fax: +973 17131263; email: pj@dinamica-international.com


Some of the award winning projects of Giugiaro Design

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