February 25th Sunday, 2018

Our Services


Business ventures development

Business due diligence and risk assessment

Our duties routinely include executing:

  • Business master plans
  • Business due diligences, investment requirements, financial projections, ROI and risk assessments.
  • Market demand analysis and positioning, competitive benchmarking, marketing and sales development plans.
  • Strategy, organization, management, governance, operation plans, and project planning.
Business brokers
  • We assist buyers and sellers of a business, in the buying and selling process.
  • We appraise and estimate the value of the business (due diligence).
  • We advertise the business for sale with or without disclosing its identity and directly approach potential buyers by utilizing our market knowledge and network.
  • We maintain full confidentiality and handle the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions, and negotiations with prospective buyers.
  • We assist the business sale through our certified accounting and legal services.

We are trusted to assist and guide our clients to setting up best practice and efficient corporate and operational structures, all geared at streamlining operations policies, procedures, governance and communications aligned to business development vision and strategies.


We will propose a ‘Best-fit strategy’ to organizations including essential spin-off and sale, and dismissal of non-strategic entities. Critical feasibility and business plans and strategies are directed at transforming sleeping or down-turning businesses.


Private equity or debt funding requirements can be sought through our close network of investors and capital providers.

Representative office in the GCC

Burdens upon time constraints, office location set-up and maintenance can be alleviated through company representation in a modern, centrally located, full facility-provided and professionally supported office allowing on-going pre-sales and market research functions throughout the GCC including:

  • Trade information research
  • Tenders and business opportunities research
  • Direct marketing campaigns development and follow-up
  • Partners research and qualification (administrative and legal)
  • Supporting the development of local branches, subsidiaries, and best-fit structure in the GCC

Market research & partners qualification

  • International businesses, companies and investment opportunities (manufacturers, product suppliers, franchisors, industry specific consultants and experts) in Europe, North America, China and the Far East.
  • GCC entrepreneurs, investors, joint venture partners, resellers/agent/distributor, or silent investors.


We enjoy great trust in our ability to select and introduce relevant and competitive franchises to established entrepreneurs and companies in the GCC. Our services in providing vital elements in Franchisor Research include:

  • Master franchise agreement development
  • Feasibility and business plans, market positioning and opportunity analysis
  • Confidential information memorandums
  • POS operations plans development (location characteristics, branding, corporate ID, start-up planning, operations, procurement, supply chain, IT, marketing plans, staffing, training, customer service and quality control).
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